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This Week in Georgian Food, Wine, Travel and Culture 16/02-22/02

Week of 16/02-22/02

Taste of Tbilisi: Georgia’s Capital Beyond the Food Tours (16/02)
Lists 5 different restaurants within Tbilisi. One is Wine House Sirajkhana, which they say is one of the best places to taste authentic Georgian wines. It does mention Culinary Backstreets Tbilisi in a sentence in the intro as a company that can take you to Dezertirebi Bazroba.
Picasso, Kandinsky among iconic painters in first Tbilisi display (18/02)
The Art Palace museum venue will invite visitors to view works by six painters including Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky and the Georgian Realist school pioneer Gigo Gabashvili. The gallery opened on 18/02 and lasts a month.
Georgia lists ancient temple Ateshgah in Tbilisi as site of national significance (21/02)
This article is super short (3 paragraphs) so I don’t have much to say as the title describes the main point of this article. I tried finding the “Georgian sources” APA says they’re getting info from, but I don’t think it’s in reference to other articles as this is the only I can find about it thus far (except for other articles referencing this one.)
Georgia ~ Tearing a page from the books of art, architecture & history
Debbie Rogers breaks down her trip to Tbilisi, which is a great get-away for Dubai residents. She had a lovely time over the weekend including wine tours and tastings with Eko Glonti of Lagvinari and tours with Taste Georgia.
Wine Guys: Georgia (the country) offers unusual wines worth tasting (21/02)
Gives a short intro about Georgian wine, amber wine, qvevri, before recommending 12 different wines. The wines range from $13-$15. For each of the wines, they describe the flavor and give recommendations of what it would pair well with.
First graffiti shop and school opens in Tbilisi (22/02)
The gallery and studio opens on 25/02 and will offer classes, sell artwork of local and international artists, and will also have paints and other materials available to buy. Classes will last for a month and cover the history of graffiti as well as offer practical lessons.
The Unstoppable Progress In The Georgian Wine Scene (21/02)
This article has seven subheadings consisting of the first Wine Tourism Conference, the dimensions of Georgian wine, improving the quality of wine, the unique varieties, Pét-nats, places to enjoy wine in Tbilisi, and increased government support. So much is covered that it is quite difficult to summarize it into 2-3 sentences, but my personal favorites were in the unique varieties and the increased government support sections. They talked about how when Georgia was part of the USSR, they mostly produced only 2 types of wine, but local winemakers maintained smaller plots and continued growing other varieties, which is why there are so many unique grapes today! The other highlight is at the end of the increased government support section, Taste Georgia is mentioned which is awesome!


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