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This Week in Georgian Food, Wine, Travel and Culture News: 24/03-30/03

Week of 24/03-30/03 

1. Georgia celebrates EU waiver

Tuesday (28/03) was the first day of visa free travel to Europe for Georgian citizens. To celebrate, the PM went to Athens then Brussels.

2. Women of Georgia- Salome Tsopurashvili, 32, Tbilisi

This week’s Women of Georgia is about Tsopurashvili who talks a lot about growing up with her mother and grandmother. She then discusses her life goals before ending with her experience of dealing with her mother’s diagnosis.
3. Georgia to transform into 2017 sporting hub with global tournaments

13 different tournaments will take place within six different regions of the country, and will feature both local and international athletes. The tournaments range from March 31-September 15.


4. Book a trip to Tbilisi

This article details some great recommendations for visiting Tbilisi, and also some surrounding areas. Fair warning, you have to create an account to have access to the full article, but there is good information within.


5. Georgian Wine tasting Held in Monaco

Seven Georgian wine companies introduced their wines at a tasting organized by the Sommelier Association of Monaco. Over 85 sommeliers, wine makers, and media representatives were present.



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