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This Week in Georgian Food, Wine, Travel and Culture News: Week of 02/03-09/03

Week of 02/03-09/03 

1. Tbilisi, 10 tips for visiting the capital of Georgia in Italiano

This article is originally in Italian, but can be translated if opened in Google Chrome. Offers suggestions for great food, locations to see, nightlife, and more.

 2. The secret weapon spice blend from Georgia is good on everything

Focusing on the spice blend Khmeli Suneli, this article details what it is, how to cook with it, and where to buy it. There is also a recipe at the end to make your own!

3. Georgia exports over 8m bottles of wine to 32 countries

Details the top 5 countries Georgia is exporting wine to, while detailing how these numbers have increased in 2017. Georgia has added $20.5 million to the economy during January-February alone!

4. Women of Georgia

This social project is accumulation of quotes from interviews with a variety of Georgian woman. Think “People of New York,” but solely with Georgian Women. This week celebrated International Women’s Day. 


5. Museum of Tbilisi History to Host Exhibition of Iranian and Georgian Photographers

The exhibition is titled “Sea: A Symbol of Friendship,” and features sixty works of both Iranian and Georgian artists. The exhibit opens on March 9th, at the Museum of Tbilisi History and closes on March 11th.

6. Georgian Wines Part of an 8000 Year Old Tradition

Australian publications features three producers and tells the story of a wonderful Georgian themed picnic in Australia that featured the food, wine and music of Georgia.


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