Week of 31/03-06/04 

Photo: National Geographic Kids 

1. Gogo wine- 27-year-old Georgian PR manager becomes successful winemaker

Keti Berishvili’s family were winemakers so she became involved with the business at a young age. This was the first year she produced her own wine which is available for purchase at organic wine shops.


2. Spelling Success: Tbilisi

Written more like a blog than a newspaper interview, this article detailed Lizi Gerliani’s experience at the English National Spelling Bee in Tbilisi. It’s a quick and easy read highlighting a different side of Georgia you don’t normally see.
3. Why Tbilisi Should Be Your Next Destination For Food and Wine

This article has so many great suggestions for places to eat and drink across Georgia. There are also hotel recommendations.


4. Tbilisi Zoo to receive first tiger since 2015 flood

Along with the tigers, 18 other animals are being donated to the zoo. After two years of repairs the zoo is thriving!


5. Georgian-French wine research center to open at Lisi Lake

The new center will be open towards the end of summer and will feature a research lab, wine cellar, and a hotel. It will employ between 100-150 citizens.

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