Week of 14/04-20/04 

1. Tbilisi Fashion Week 2017 Showroom Opens in Tbilisi Mall

The 15th season of Tbilisi Fashion Week began on April 19th and ends on April 24th. Between runway shows there will even be a champagne tasting! 

2. CineDOC- Tbilisi festival set to celebrate documentary filmmaking

The event launches on May 11th and will feature documentaries by directors from 30 different countries. This article also gives a short description of some of the films that will be shown. 

3. Wines of Georgia reveals plans for UK

The National Wine Agency of Georgia has announced a “major” UK trade campaign to increase wine exports to the UK. The campaign aims to increase the profile for Georgian wines.


4. 5 Reasons to Explore the Mountains of Georgia (The Country, Not the State)

This article offers excellent recommendations for lodging, food, and wine to travel across Georgia. It also details amazing cities to visit that aren’t Tbilisi.

5. Why You Should Go Hiking in Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains This Year

This article describes not only different trails to take across Georgia, but also the process that made the trails as magnificent as they are. Georgia has added a lot of income into tourism and it is paying off; increased airlines are flying into Tbilisi, and from there you’re able to experience Georgia in all its glory. Taste Georgia mountain trips also mentioned! 

6. Of Sheep and Men

This is an amazing article mostly consisting of an interview with a series of farmers who live in one of Georgia’s steep valleys. The accompanying photographs are striking and by the end of the end of the article you’ll have an excellent sense of just what it means to be a farmer in Georgia.

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