Chkhaveri is autochthonous to Imereti’s neighbor, Guria, but Gaioz Sopromadze is one of the first winemakers in Georgia to bottle this versatile and delicious grape variety. He has been bottling wine since 2009 but he comes from a long line of family winemakers. 

 Gaioz Sopromadze’s 2012 Chkhaveri 

Chkhaveri isn’t the easiest grape name to pronounce but it is always easy to drink. It marries well to the traditional qvevri wine style and drinks like a Sicilian Cerasuolo. 

The color is a lovely, medium ruby red. Aromas of plums are most dominate followed by dark earthiness, blood and iron and a slight hint of animal sweat. Like being in a barn full of fresh hay. Beautiful mouthful that takes me back to the physical feeling of Santa Ana winds. Italian plum cake, lots of fruit, hint of sapidity, medium acidity and finish. It is a powerful wine that doesn’t have to try to hard to be liked. It’s beauty is in its drinkability. 

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