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G.Vino: The Best Little Wine Bar in Tbilisi

G. Vino has taken the Tbilisi wine bar experience to another level with its elegant but shabby-chic interior. It has quickly has become a local favorite, and the one wine bar in Tbilisi I recommend to all our guests in who ask me where they can drink good natural wine in the old part of Tbilisi without feeling like a tourist. This modern go-to spot was opened on Erekle II Street by the same owner as the stylish Boutique Hotel Number 12 in March 2015, so the design choices are no surprise.

The interior is cozy and glowing with warm light, set as a perfect exhibit of contemporary Georgia. A nod to the past without the weight. The food and wine offerings are a fresh take on traditional Georgian cuisine. For example, the lobio (beans cooked in a clay pot) are particularly delicious and topped with fresh cilantro and pomegranate seeds. The homemade, lightly fermented lemonade with tarragon is like nothing else! The wine by the glass menu focuses on organic and local producers including some of the best Georgian qvevri wine producers available,such as Lagvinari, Gotsa, Nika and Vita Vinea. There are a number of wine flights guests can order, but my favorite is a nod to Simon Woolf’s Amber Revolution. It’sa flight of the best amber wines in Georgia. Gvino is also a dog friendly wine bar, and the owners regularly feed and help the local street dogs, and have adopted a few themselves.


6, Erekle II st, 

Tbilisi, Georgia



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