The Fisrt Issue of Made in Georgia Magazine

I am so excited to share this new magazine with you. Made in Georgia is an English language magazine created by a team of professional journalists, editors, and Anglophones who love and know Georgia. It’s mission is to inform readers about the culture, history, and people of Georgia. You’ll fine food and wine articles, or maybe business is your thing. This is the place to learn about Georgia both past and present with an eye looking twards the future. This is a magazine created by a team of dedicated professional journalists, editors and experts from both countries, who will inform and entertain British readers with authentic stories from Georgia. Made in Georgia magazine will explore the past and present of British-Georgian connections, the people and businesses, together with relevant facts and figures.

And if you have a particular interest in wine, please check out my interview with MW Lisa Granik, the author of The Wines of Georgia.

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