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About Taste Georgia


We are a group of individuals who share a passion for the Republic of Georgia’s cultural, culinary, and wine traditions. Taste Georgia was born after Sarah May Grunwald and Natia Khidesheli met at a wine conference in Tbilisi. Sarah May became fascinated with the hospitality of the Georgian people, the ancient qvevri winemaking traditions, and the delicious regional food. Sarah and Natia decided they wanted to share this fascinating culture with travelers and so Taste Georgia was born, on the philosophy that culture is best experienced at the table. Taste Georgia offers tours and experience ranging from wine tours, culinary experiences, cooking classes, food tours, trekking tours, cultural immersion. We believe in Slow Travel, and our greatest wish is for people to Taste Georgia through us, our guides, the families we visit, and the cultural and natural beauty that is Georgia. We are women-owned and managed by women. We organize private and group tours, as well as event management and wine tastings. We believe in sustainable travel, and part of our profits will go to forest conservation in the Caucasus.


At our tour operator company, we are proud to have a team of experienced co-founders and guides with over 50 years of collective expertise in the hospitality industry. Our team’s passion for wine and food is reflected in their numerous professional international wine certifications, chef certifications, and higher degrees in humanities, linguistics, tourism management, and even an MBA. We collaborate with a diverse range of service providers, including internationally trained chefs, knowledgeable local grandmas who teach local and regional food traditions, small producers, and family-owned wineries. Rest assured, all our guides are certified members of the Association of Guides of Georgia.

We have a particular focus on slow travel, women-only tours, supporting women-owned businesses, and empowering marginalized communities. Sustainable travel is at the core of our beliefs. 

Sarah May Grunwald

Sarah May Grunwald, one of our co-founders and owners, has been immersed in wine and food tourism since 2006. With certifications as a sommelier and an ongoing pursuit of the WSET Diploma, her expertise in the field is unparalleled. Sarah’s academic background in Women’s Studies and European Humanities adds depth to her understanding of cultures and traditions. Although originally from California, she now calls Italy home and has taught wine at the esteemed Istituto Lorenzo dè Medici in Rome. As a seasoned guide, manager, and content creator, Sarah has contributed to various wine and travel publications.

Natia Khidasheli

Natia Khidasheli, our co-owner hailing from Tbilisi, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Having previously lived in the United States and graduated from Georgetown University with a Masters in linguistics, Natia is multilingual, fluent in Georgian, Russian, and English, with a decent grasp of Hebrew. With certifications as a sommelier and the WSET Level 2 certificate, Natia excels as a cultural guide, ensuring our guests have authentic experiences. Additionally, she serves as the on-ground manager for Taste Georgia, maintaining the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

Irakli Cholobargia

Irakli Cholobargia, another co-founder, has played a pivotal role in the revival of the Georgian wine industry. With a background as a founder and business consultant in various wine and food ventures, Irakli’s expertise is invaluable. Currently focused on crafting exceptional wines under the revered Wetdog wine label, Irakli also serves as a trusted marketing consultant for the renowned Georgian National Wine Agency. Their dedication to promoting the rich heritage of Georgian wines greatly contributes to our travel website’s success.

Keti Uglava

Keti Uglava, one of our experienced guides since 2010, is a resident of Kutaisi and renowned for her extensive knowledge of Georgian cuisine. With a background in archaeology, Keti offers our guests a deeper understanding of the country’s history and culinary traditions. Her expertise in the stories, history, and legends of Georgia is complemented by her remarkable food knowledge. Additionally, Keti recently obtained a wine tourism certification, further enhancing her credentials.

Sopho Ichqitidze

Sopho Ichqitidze, our beloved guide in Tbilisi, captivates guests with her vibrant personality and passion for her city. Graduating with a degree in Tourism Management and completing her wine certification in 2019, Sopho leads many of our multi-day and group tours. As a member of the professional organization World Federation of Guide Association, she continues to enhance her skills and provide exceptional experiences for our guests.

With our team’s experience, dedication, and expertise, we are committed to providing our valued clients with exceptional travel experiences that showcase the best of Georgia’s cuisine, culture, and history.

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