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Where to Try the Best Khinkali in Tbilisi

Georgian cuisine is as diverse as its landscape. Each region of the country has its own meals or its own take on popular dishes like Khachapuri, the pizza-like cheese pie. Khinkali, is a national meal of Georgia and an absolute must-try once here. Khinkali is a meat dumpling that originated in the mountainous regions of […]

This Week in Georgian Food, Wine, Travel and Culture 16/02-22/02

Week of 16/02-22/02 Taste of Tbilisi: Georgia’s Capital Beyond the Food Tours (16/02) Lists 5 different restaurants within Tbilisi. One is Wine House Sirajkhana, which they say is one of the best places to taste authentic Georgian wines. It does mention Culinary Backstreets Tbilisi in a sentence in the intro as a company that can […]

Adjika Will Bring World Peace: Apricot Adjika Jam

Vendor at the market in Tbilisi who sells decent adjika paste. Whenever friends ask me why I fell in love with Georgia, my natural and unscripted response is, “It felt like coming home.” I am not Georgian, I don’t have any familial ties to the country and I don’t speak the language but I still […]

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