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Republic of Georgia
Guided Tour
7 Days

This tour starts at $565 a person with a 6 person minimum

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The Tusheti mountain region on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains of the Republic of Georgia seems a lush wonderland that time forgot. It is home to numerous endangered plant and wildlife species, which can only be found in this region, as well as just four ancient and well preserved communities: Pirikiti, Gometsari, Chaghma and Tsova. If you’re an adventurer dreaming of unparalleled views with glaciers and snow capped mountains, and colorful landscapes carved out with rivers, forests and alpine meadows, if you’re ready to connect with nature, this is the tour for you.

  • guide services
  • transportation
  • all meals
  • accommodation in guest houses
  • horses
  • tents
  • Not Included

  • travel insurance
  • hiking boots
  • sunscreen
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    Day 1: Leave Tbilisi behind and head to the old Tusheti village of Shenako. Today you’lldine with the locals on authentic food of the region, prepared with ancient and traditional techniques. Retire to your charming, old stone house for a restful evening, and relax fireside as you gaze upat the star filled sky above the village’s important church before going into bed.

    Day 2: In the morning you’ll embark onan easy and lovely hike to visit a waterfall and the ruins of Ageurta, where you’ll meet a local storyteller to divulge the details of a complex and dramatic past. In the afternoon you’ll carry onto Sanare Mountain byhorseback, and observe the secluded lifestyle of local shepherds. You’ll spend the night camping on the mountain near the two Alazani Rivers.

    Day 3: In the morning you’ll hop back on your horse and pass by alpine meadows and the village of Chigo before arriving at a living museum of the village Dartlo. Here you’ll learn about the village and region’s vast history and have a lookatitsold towers and structures. After exploring you’ll tuck into a guesthouse in Dartlo to spend the night.

    Day 4: Heading out on horseback through the Pirikiti valley, you’ll get to see the old villages of Parsma and Girevi, situated on a gorge between two mountains. After a day’s journey through the prestine nature, you’ll make camp at the riverside of Pirikiti Alazani, with the sight of glaciers and a large fire to fall asleep to.

    Day 5: Ride your horse up a scenic the Nakaicho Pass, arriving in time for lunch with a truly one of a kind view. After lunch you’ll carry on crossing Pirikiti to the tamer landscape of Gometsari Valley. Once you arrive in the photogenic village ofDochu you can have a look around and take some rare pictures before retreating toyour guesthouse for the night.

    Day 6: Set out onan easy hike and horseback ride to Omalo, where you’ll spend the afternoon exploring the old town freely and admiring the centuries oldwatchtowers. On this night you’ll feast to celebrate the ending of the adventure. There will be plenty of local food accompanied by traditional Tushetian accordion playing and dancing! After dinner you’ll spend the night in a local home and rest upfor the last day of the trip to come.

    Day 7: After a restful morning you’ll depart Omalo for the Shashlick party near Kakheti. You’ll sip on Kakhetian wine in the serine forest by the riverbanks. Once it’s time toreturn to Tbilisi, you’ll get to make one last stop along the way. The 11th century Alaverdi Cathedral is the third tallest church in Europe, and we couldn’t let you miss it.

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