19 Reasons to Visit Georgia in 2019

By Taste Georgia

We asked our local blogger what are her favorite reasons to visit Georgia in 2019. 

By Baia Dzagnidze


Georgia has been an up and coming destination recently. Each year, top travel magazines are promoting it as one of the spots to explore in that year. While there are many more reasons for you to... Read more

A regional guide to Khatchapuri

By Taste Georgia

Sarah May Grunwald's article on Eat Sip Trip Ask an American to talk about Georgian cuisine and you’ll probably hear descriptions of peach cobbler, barbecue and fried chicken. Ask a European about Georgian cuisine and you’ll probably hear more about wine, cheese and khatchapuri. Continue reading... Read more

18 Reasons to visit Georgia in 2018

By Taste Georgia

Georgia has thousands of things to love, but for the sake of the number 18, we give you our top 18. 1. Tbilisi: It one of the most dynamic capital cities in Europe, with a range of places to visit. During its history many cultures have left their mark, creating a mosaic of art building styles. Read more

A Rose by any other name is Rkatsiteli?

By Taste Georgia

In the first week of May 2017, I joined a group of wine and travel writers, social media influencers and sommeliers and traveled around Georgia for five days on a Familiarisation trip organised in part by the National Georgian Wine Agency, National Georgian Tourism Agency and Taste Georgia. It was a trip organised around the 2017 edition of the New Wine Festival. I enjoy wine festivals and fairs because there are a large amount of producers in one place which gives wine... Read more

Georgia for wine lovers

By Taste Georgia

jWhen we think of historical, old world wine regions, we imagine the rolling hills of Tuscany, riding a bike along the Loire, Chateaus in Bordeaux or glamorous high end design wineries in La Rioja. While the Mediterranean basin and some of Europe claim a few thousand years of wine history, we have to look further east, to Transcaucasia, the cradle of wine. The country of Georgia is the only region in the world where the relationship between humans and wine was never interrupted. Read more

An Orange Wine for Orange Wine Lovers

By Taste Georgia

Do Re Mi may seem like an odd name for a wine company, but I can assure you they are not making absurd wines. This wine company was founded in 2013 by three friends who had a goal in mind. They wanted to create lovely, organic wines using  Georgian qvevri. The Marani is located outside of Tbilisi, on the road to Kakheti, but they source grapes from... Read more